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My wife runs an online store selling nursing and maternity clothing for breastfeeding moms...
As for me, and my site.. I hate to use the proverbial cliche, but ... I clearly don't put enough time into this to put much more than: UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

For now, here's a couple links to old, highly outdated, possibly broken, ugly versions of my early, old adventures into "personal website" land.
When I was in college, I made this page. It still resides in it's worn out state at Geocities. I also ran a digital "cardshop" for a while at Hypermart. I have a highly-broken copy of it here as well.

If, for some reason, you're interested in seeing other websites I've worked on (although by no means primarily responsible for the design) ... A company that I worked at for several years put together a site at before moving to Of course, most of what I was involved in requires logging in to see it. Since I, uh, left the company, they've sprouted a new website: Now I'm working on a website for : First Trust Portfolios (not that one ;) ).
Here's some links to sites that my kids like
That's about it... other than, if you want to contact me, you can use this address:.
Thanks for visiting, and hopefully, this page will be more interesting, soon.
Well, for now, here's something interesting: