Adelynn "Addy" Grace Tregay
Our daughter's first website
The proud parents, Flynn and Kristen Tregay, welcome you to her website!
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Addy's Homepage

Please feel free to look around at the pictures of our baby girl, Addy.

How we chose her name:

Her first name, Adelynn, is a combination of Kristen's maternal Great Aunt and Great Grandmother, both named Adelaide and Flynn's first name.

Her middle name, Grace, is named after Flynn's maternal Great Aunt Grace, who passed away several years ago.

Born on:

August 28, 2003 at GlenOaks Hospital
in Glendale Heights, Illinois.


5:34 PM


7 lbs. 4 oz.


20.5 inches

This Homepage was designed by Flynn and Kristen Tregay, August 2003.